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Loom & Board


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March 15, 2006
Loom And Board is now on!  Check it out here,   and join!

February 25, 2006:
The 'Catalogue' is up!  Please check out what we've made so far!  Also, the 'Links' page has been started!  Email me your links, and I'll post 'em up!
January 16, 2006:  A new OT (Off Topic) Page has been added in the Links at the top of this page.  Have an issue you'd like to discuss?  Email me, and I'll post your thoughts!
Dec. 28, 2005:  My Mom and I are going to make a catalogue of sorts, and I'll post it up here, as we add to it.  It'll be an on-going process, but you'll be able to see what we make, and comment on them if you wish!  Should be challenging!