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Canadian Slang--A fun page to read!

February 25, 2006
24 medals for CANADA!!  25 Medals for USA!!  Well done athletes!  CONGRATS!!!
February 12, 2006:
CONGRATULATIONS to all Olympic althletes in Turin, Italy!!  (especially CANADA!)
January 10, 2006:  Yes, I know this is a Loom & Board Web site, but I feel strongly about the TV show, American Gothic, and would like it to come back to TV or a movie.  It didn't make it's run, and is unfinished.  Please click the link below, and sign the petition, if you are interested!  Thanks!
I also realise this site needs to get moving!  That is a plan I have for the New Year.  I may even start this weekend, as I have TIME OFF WORK!!!  YAY!  Keep an eye out for new and (hopefully) exciting things happening here!


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